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Training for Service: An Examination of Change and Development in the Bible College Movement in the UK, 1873 – 2002

Author: Graham Cheesman
Date: December 15th, 2011
Key Words: Bible College, training, academic, contextualisation, Evangelicalism, formation

This thesis is a study of the bible college movement in the UK from its inception to 2002. It seeks to define the subject, and structure an historical pattern of development, treating in turn the pre-first world war period, the inter-war period and after the Second World War to today. It is based on primary research among the archives of the colleges some of which are no longer functioning, and extensive secondary literature. Its conclusion is that the bible college movement is a very significant movement for understanding Evangelicalism and worldwide theological education today. This thesis was successfully presented to the Queens University Belfast for the award of PhD in 2002.



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